1. There are billions and billions of ideas out there.
  2. Most ideas are bad ideas.
  3. The only thing scarier than having many ideas is to have none.
  4. The best ideas are bad for a long time, while most are bad forever.
  5. It's sometimes possible to identify bad ideas, close to impossible to identify great ideas.

Is creating an AI app that will read all your Legos and come up with exciting recipes a great idea?

Is the ultimate bathroom square that you can sit on, stand on and store things a great idea?

Is a spoon with a silicone lip that lets you scoop up every drop of yogurt a great idea?

Is an automatic stem-remover that easily removes the stem from a strawberry a great idea?

Is a running shoe where you can add and remove weights to burn more calories a great idea?

Is a series of alarm clocks for your family that you control and set a great idea?

Is making shower caps cool, with new functionality, design, and packaging a great idea?

Is a tray making a perfect pizza, that you can use to serve and cut the pizza a great idea?


Some men like to cook, but all love to drill. Is a drill that will crush ice, stir the pot for hours, grind meat, clean the stove, and many other kitchen activities a great idea? I believe so, make it happen. 

Is a silicone form where you put in all the ingredients and then mix it and cook it, a great idea?

Is the first grill made by and for women with amazing functionality and design a great idea?

Is the ultimate kitchen timer with four timers and a temperature sensor a great idea?

Is a roller coaster for passing hot pots around the table without lifting it, a great idea?

The kitchen top is the most expensive real estate in the world. Is a vertical breadbox a great idea?

Is the ultimate cutting board with just the most essential kitchen accessories included a great idea?

Is Teflon-coated underwear that you can wear all week and never smells and gets dirty a great idea?

Kids these days have little appreciation for money. Is making a digital piggybank, a great idea?


This Ipad like object hangs in your bedroom and counts down to your calculated death date. Every night it asks you to rate your day. If you rate it low it glows towards you with a frighting skull. The concept builds on the old concept Memento Mori. Live more intensely by remembering that you are going to die. The product could be done as an app for a few thousand or into this bedroom piece. 

Is collapsible swimming feet that is easier to get on and off and move around in, a great idea?

Cleaning a carafe is difficult. Is a carafe you can split in two in the middle, a great idea?

Is combining a great toaster, a cutting board, and breadbox a great idea?

Is a pillow that is unpredictable and unstable in 3 dimensions a great idea?

Is a standing silicone ladle that doesn't slip into the pot a great idea?

Is 1-swipe window wash with steam, rubber list, and vacuum cleaner the holly grail of cleaning?

Is a tealight candle that inflates a baloon that you later can release a great idea?

Good consultants are expensive. Is an app that sells their bathroom time a great idea?


  1. It always starts with good and unusual questions.
  2. 70% training and techniques - 30% DNA.
  3. Great ideas never survive committees.
  4. Quantity is normally better than quality.
  5. Great ideas need moderate to good execution. 
  6. You can't trust other people's idea judgment.
  7. You only have to be right once.
  8. Most prefer to be wrong but in a majority than right and alone. 
  9. Good is the enemy of great and people/companies rarely change before they have to.

Why stirring dough, when you can roll it? Is a kitchen roller, a great idea?

Is an apple tracker tracking noise level, air quality, and temperature in the classrooms a great idea?

You spend time making a great sauce. Why not serve it in an amazing container? 

Is a thin smart laundry concept you fill with dirty clothes and unhook, a great idea?

Is a fruit and vegetable fridge on the kitchen counter, making it more accessible, a great idea?

Is a collapsible car rubber band that you can stretch out when you need it, a great idea?

Is a chilli punch, which cuts the flesh and removes the seeds in 1 second, a great idea?

Is a mirror with a delay so you can see how your behind looks, a great idea?


Steve Jobs did not have time to redesign the trolleys. This leaves the opportunity for you. Can you make this practical product cool, fun, and interesting? 

The product has another challenge. The distribution. Due to its size and handling, you have to be innovative to build the right distribution mix. 

Is a limb measurer that gives you a quick progress report on your diet, a great idea?

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could cut and serve heart-shaped pizza, a great idea?

Is a 10-layered sponge where you can tear off used sheets, a great idea?

Give your guests the opportunity to tailor-make their own dish it, a great idea?


Footbaths are greta for health and comfort, but all the water is a hassle. I had the hypothesis that a waterless footbath had to be a good idea.

With very little water that was steamed or cooled we created these amazing effects. The steamed made the feet baby-smooth. The cold moist, was very nice cooling your feet after a long day of work. The concept worked, but was not put into production due to investment costs.  

...and hundreds of more ideas...